Wednesday, 21 August 2013

100 Facts About Me ♡

Hello there again! It took me 3 months to make another blog, it's good to be back and I promise to be on track from this day forward. Honestly, I was really busy with school works and all that stuff, I thought I could manage blogging everyday or atleast 4 times a week but I was wrooooong. *sighs*. I'm also scared that nobody will like my blogs, I feel so down and lack of MOTIVATIONS! Please help me. LOL!

I consider myself as a newbie blogger that's why I wanted you to know something about my self. :) That's why I decided to share with you guys the 100 Facts About Me! Taaaadaaaa!

Lemme give you just a little introduction before we start the countdown!

I am Mary Hendrix Santos, my friends call me Hen-Hen, Henx, Drixie or Mary. I am 19 years old, 3rd year in college at Philippine Normal University... Dying to live in France, England and New York. In a relationship with Fashion and Make-Up.
  1. I love myself and the life I have.
  2. I can't stand a day without opening my Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr Accounts.
  3. I love arguing because I always fight for what I think is right.
  4. I dress according in my mood. You would never be impressed with my LAZY day outfit.
  5. I love shopping and buying new random stuff. It is the best feeling in the world.
  6. I always have a WISHLIST DIARY and write there everything I want, love and essentials.
  7. I started my first ever blog last May 10, 2013 and still trying to continue.
  8. I really am a frustrated singer, my dreams has always been the same. I believe that I can sing but I'm not good enough.
  9. I love PARIS and ENGLAND. I love everything about it, it's one of the most beautiful places in the world. Someday, I live there. :")
  10. I am a FANGIRL! Like, I love Taylor Swift so much, I know everything about her. I also love Cher Lloyd, Little Mix, Rihanna and many more.
  11. I'm not into fraternities or sororities. Sorry, I never planned joining any of them. Like, what for? I hate gangsters and bums. Fudge! "Get a Life" Lol.
  12. I am TALKATIVE! If I am comfortable with you, I will talk for you for hours if you want me too. :)
  13. I love MUSIC. If I have something to do, there's music playing! I can't live without 'em.
  14. I am really ADVENTUROUS and outgoing kind of person. I wanna be in different places in the world.
  15. I won't deny that I am extremely GIRLY like since birth.
  16. I'm not good at anything. Just average.
  17. I don't really care if you hate me. Somtimes it bothers me but I think that is life. Not everyone will like you whatever you do and I'm just being me. You can't please people.
  18. Shopaholic, I always disobey my shopping banned. Whenever I saw something that what I think is an investment. I will grab it, NO HESITATIONS.
  19. Messy and unorganized. That's me. But atleast I know how to find my stuff.
  20. I love watching movies. Any kind that will get my interest and this is another thing to pamper.
  21. Not alcoholic and absolutely not smoker. Smoking is the only thing I would never do in my life and I never imagine myself smoking.
  22. I love itemizing my clothes like one in the YouTube Vlogs OOTD.
  23. I love traveling but I never been in lots of places. One of my greatest dreams is to rove the world, visit all tourist spots. learn their culture and taste their foods. 
  24. I don't eat so much. I eat what is enough for me, there was a time time that I don't feel like eating but I love love love to try amazing foods, go restaurant hopping and make a blog about them.
  25. I love reading books and being inlove with the character's souls.
  26. I write so much about things! thoughts, feelings and whatsoever!
  27. I am LAZY! 
  28. I hate MATH so baaaad! UGH.
  29. I hate pets, I just don't like it. For me they're not cute, they're FUGLY!
  30. I am delicate in someone's manner. Not that I'm into old style or into etiquette but I always look at someone's personality in how does he/she eats, walks, talks and I hate people who spit on public.
  31. I wear glasses rarely because I don't wanna look like brainy, nerdy or geek.
  32. I love making friends and I always interested at their stories and know them.
  33. I adore bright colors. Everything that is colorful. Wearing colorful clothes gets anyone attention but atleast you should know how to pair them up.
  34. KPOP and JPOP are not my thing. I don't understand their songs but they have cute choreography, fashion, make up and tv series.
  35. I laugh weird. Its amazing feeling when you are laughing it makes you feel younger.
  36. I smile everyday or every minute. Smiling is the best way to show the world how strong you are as if you don't have anything to worry about.
  37. I am optimistic, not because I am confident at all times but because I always have a faith that I can get it through it all.
  38. My tears fall easily. I am so emotional that sometimes I realize that some things are not worth crying for. 
  39. My favorite part of my body is my lips. I adore my lips, it's so soft and I find them so attractive and an asset.
  40. I can't save money. I don't know why I am not good at budgeting and I am an impulsive buyer. LOL
  41. I love watching VLOGS! I used to watch different make-up tutorials, DIY's, haul, room tour and all that stuff. I am looking forward to have my own YouTube Channel because vloggers really inspire me so much. Maybe some days.
  42. I love reading BLOGS about fashion, reviews, foods and all. It became helpful for me about different products, price information and even their experiences at random things.
  43. One in my bucketlist is to try the craziest and try the most breath-taking rides in the world.
  44. I am also into lots of outdoor activity like Bungee Jumping, Sky Diving, etc and I am dying to try those.
  45. I have adoration for kids. They're like angels and cute!
  46. I can't live without my phone. My phone is my only companion when I'm alone. All you need is in there text messaging, media player, calculator, to-do's and all. 
  47. I forgive easily that some people don't deserve them.
  48. I love chocolates. Chocolates can relieve my stress and keep me calm and peaceful.
  49. I talk to myself like everyday whenever I am alone or walking way home. I hallucinate scenarios that I wish to happen in reality.
  50. I am nocturnal. I always sleep late at night and I can't stop it. Ugh.
  51.  I always get my creative ideas every night before I sleep.
  52.  Super addicted to Taylor Swift, every single day I listen to her songs and I have TS collections like all of her albums, compilation of pictures and lyrics with chords, mags, ballers and posters in my bedroom wall and ceiling.
  53. I dance around the room when no one is watching.
  54. I learned to play guitar when I was 1st year in high school.
  55. I was Avril Lavigne's fan back then until Taylor replace her.
  56. I wear eyeglasses for reading purposes only.
  57. I am a photography enthusiast.
  58. I love Zombie movies. Sometimes, I imagine what if zombies are real and fight to survive.
  59. I trusted people easily that sometimes I regretted whenever I trusted the wrong person.
  60. I used dreamed to be a Radio DJ someday.
  61. It put me in tears whenever I see an old man on the street (beggars/vendors) in their age, they deserve a rest and taken care by their families.
  62. I hate seeing girls who literally wear short-shorts, sleeveless top showing their cleavage and heavy make up. It's not that decent at all.
  63.  It irritates me when someone acts like a kid and baby talks.
  64. I am not religious. I honestly don't go to church every sunday or pray everynight but I believe in God, Almighty Father.
  65. I hate people who underestimated me, as if they know me completely.
  66. I over think of everything before I go to sleep. I literally make a flashback on my past and every possible things in my life.
  67. I love guys who dressed well.
  68. 29 years old is my target age to get married. Oyeah!
  69. To be honest, being a teacher is not my dream profession. I actually wanted to be a FLIGHT ATTENDANT.
  70. I am grammar conscious or pronunciation conscious.
  71. frogs and any kinds of amphibians ate the most FUGLY thing in the entire universe.
  72. I love discovering new word.
  73. I rarely drink water. I know its bad but I just don't like it.
  74. I can control my pee. 
  75. I adore my shoulders next to my lips, my dad told me that my shoulders are the same as those models have. I know he's not kidding.
  76. I got ear damage before because of using earphones everyday.
  77. I hate veggies. The taste is too disgusting, I eat little because I have too.
  78. I started to love make-up when I was kinder. I used to steal my mum's lipstick and use it in school. My dad bought me a Barbie Make-Up Set that is all real make-ups and I put eyeshadow, blush-on and lipstick on my friends' faces.
  79. I got hard time sleeping every night and waking up every morning. What's wrong with me? Imbalance sleeping hours.
  80. I love imitating conyo or mixed English and Filipino words. I usually do that when I'm in high-class places. 
  81. I'm not proud Filipino. Sorry, I don't fancy opm even cultural aspects.
  82. I always belong in a all-girls group in school every since.
  83. I hate watching brutal-killing, violent movies like SAW I-VII. It is super disgusting painful scenes. 
  84. I will never be too old for DISNEYS
  85. Guys who play guitar and sings well are the coolest guys ever.
  86. I really wanted to learn how to ice skate and dance ballet but I never had a chance.
  87. I love something that is sparkling, dainty, elegant and classy stuff.
  88. I am into technology but I hate the fact that I can't have any of those, maybe someday.
  89.  I'm worst in time management and it sucks.
  90. I love sharing my stories to my close ones. It feels good because you know that there's someone listens and cares about you.
  91. I am hyper, weird, funny and do the craziest things when I'm with my friends.
  92. I hate spicy foods. efff
  93. When I started to hate you, everything you do annoys me. G R R R!
  94. Most people think that I am FINICKY (maarte). It's a negative compliment, but I don't have to offend 'coz I know myself that it is somehow true.
  95. I'm so bratty, whenever I didn't get what I wanted or totally pissed off. I will throw anything on the floor, stamp my feet hard or I will walk out then slam the door. Haha
  96. I am a true friend, I will be here for you if need me and help you if you need a hand. Sometimes, I wish I have a friend like me. LOL
  97. Show off people/famewhore really irritates me. They're so pathetic that they have to be showy just to notice. 
  98. I don't sleep in forward position because whenever I do, I always have a nightmare.
  99. Since highschool, every year I own a PLANNER/ORGANIZER/SCHEDULER for daily plans, things to do, important events and all that stuff 'coz I'm so forgetful on doing things that has to be done.
  100. I am vain. I believe that I am beautiful, sexy and all to boost my confidence.

This is me at my best. I will never change for anyone to like me. BE YOURSELF and the right people will like you.

Do we have any similarities? What number?
Please comment below 'coz I'd love to know. xx Let's be friends!

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Thank you for dropping by. It means so much to me. See you again in my next blog. Buh-byeee! ♡

Friday, 10 May 2013

My whole year as a PE Major

When I entered in CS 101 for our first day of classes, I only knew familiar faces; I don’t even know what their names are. I never thought that I would love them so much ;)
Very grateful that I belong in this group.

All these pictures aren’t enough to show how much I enjoy being a PE Major and I am confident to say that is the greatest decision I made for myself. I love PEMS and most specially II-21 *waves*

TIMELINE: SY. 2012-2013

PEMS Acquaintance Party - July 7, 2012

Casual Attire (Background: LOCKER)
 with my gorgeous girlfriend Ella Vasallo :*
Egyptian Team. Let the challenges begin! :)

After the party and the Team Building, all the second year PE Major undergo in a (not so hard) INITIATION where it would be the marking or acceptance that you already belong to the family/ group. Yey! :)) Legal PE Major!

PNU still no. 1 @ 111 Intramurals Opening

PE Majors as a PARADE MARTIAL (with my batchmates Roshi, Nancy and Pau) :*

Oh look! My pretty bebs Nicole Rodriguez with other PE Majors (Aerobics Time)

After the parade of different college-departments, faculties and staffs with the assistance of my fellow PE Majors as a "PARADE MARTIAL", PE Faculty led the Aerobics together with a fitness instructor.

Sports and Recreations: Outdoor Activity @ Falcon Crest Resort, Norzagaray Bulacan - September 15, 2012

PE Majors (White Team) versus 6 other majorships.
Our cheer. BEST IN CHEERING! That's me on the center, lol
My twin Kevin zipline shot experience.
Don't mess with my legs. Haha :)
We were the first to finish all the activities! Now, the pool is ours! 
II-21 BSE PE :)
Sure win. HAHA Competitive! :D Champion! XD

This is one of the best days of my life with II-21. We had fun in all the activities and as what we expected we won almost all the special awards. Haha Competitive!
 Team Building Activities: Rappelling, Wall Climbing, Zip Line, Tire Swing, Rope, Falling Egg, and last Water Activities.

Mr. Outdoor: My Paps EJ Rey! :))

Cheerdance Competition - September 21, 2012

Cheerdance Costume and Mizuno Shoes
Thank you, Darwin and Arvin.
First Pyramid (Find me :p)
Oh my god! Announcing the winner! *Nervouuuus*
Boss JM (class president) holds our TROPHY Yeahhh! \m/
Congratulations Batchmates. Ngiting tagumpay! HELLO GIO *waves* Walang meaning 'to ahh :)

For almost two months of hard training and all sacrifices we finally got what we wanted. We won in Cheerdance Competition

PEMS Music Group - Choir Recital - October 5, 2012

Choir mates with our mentor Ate KJ :)
That's me in my blue gown :D
We did great singing "Ikaw" and "Stand by me". PEMS Music Group - Coro Sanus Corpus!

PEMS CHRISTMAS PARTY - December 19, 2012

Show me how you burlesque (with my closest friend Ella and Mara)
My solo picture of burlesque costume
My White Christmas Party Attire :D
We danced "Show Me How You Burlesque by Christina Aguillera" for our Christmas Presentation and we won again as Best in Presentation. YEY


Left to right (Tin, Hen, Mara, Belle, Boya and Nikka)

I love you tons :* :*

Before this school year ends, I never thought that I would have a TRUE FRIENDS that I am comfortable with to say everything inside me. I love you so much!! I hope our friendship lasts forever!

Battle of the PEMS - March 8, 9 and 10, 2013

On our way to Batis Aramin Resort, Lucban Quezon. Bye Manila! :)

My 4th zipline shot experience. ENJOY!
My roomies :) Mara, Ella and Darwin. Overnight swimming muna bago orlok :D
Hi Mara. :)))

Picture with fellow PE Majors from PNU Isabella. Thanks Kuya Matt :))

Last Adventure, climb up to the top of Kamay ni Hesus



Battle of the PEMS activities for 3 days.
Day 1:  Opening Program (Welcome PNU-Isabella), Zumba fitness Workshop, Academic Battle, Mr & Ms PEMS Model 2013
Day  2: Departure to Lucban, K-12 Seminar, Team Building, Solidarity Dinner and overnight swimming
 Day 3: Zipline, Swimming Happiness, Closing Program, Visit Kamay ni Hesus and Going Home.

I, Mary Hendrix Santos, PE Major ❤ :)

I experienced lot of thing and learned a lot of lessons.

Being a PE Major is not that easy we feel stress every day, because of loaded things to do and training after class in our different events, most of us end up cramming all the time but we are optimistic that whatever challenge we may encounter, we can overcome those stresses and not be affected because problems that make stresses is just a barometer on how strong we are. 

We encountered problems such as going home late, lack of sleep, prone in sickness, no time for doing academic works, financial deficiency etc. But even how tired we were, we never showed it, we always manage to smile, we laugh like we have lots of energies, we bond together like family because we all believe that when you love what you are doing you will never feel tired and you can do things more than you ever think. 

My journey as a student / PE Major is not yet finish. 
Two more fruitful years :) ❤

PS: Most pictures are the biggest event happened in me/us for the whole year around. I don't have any pictures of some events like our NSTP Vigil - Septemeber 16, 2012, which is very fun to share.

Love, ohlalahendrix